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About Mole Mapping

Skin cancer screening at the Kelly Clinic

Mole mapping is a screening service for those at risk of or concerned about skin cancer. The service is intended to help in the early diagnosis of melanoma and provides a comprehensive record of all your pigmented lesions. It does not guarantee early detection but may help recognise abnormal moles before they become malignant. The system has state of the art digital dermoscopy that provides a comprehensive record and scoring system.

Body mapping and dermoscopy combined

In whole body photography, all nevi are marked in a matter of seconds and the images are sequentially numbered and recorded. If required, the Moleanalyser can provide an immediate second opinion with a malignancy score. All at consistently high levels of sensitivity and specificity!

Sad but true: Ireland ranks 14th highest for skin cancer with over 10,000 new cases diagnosed per year. A high level of UV exposure and lighter skin tone combine to give Ireland a very high rate of skin cancer compared to other countries. Even on cloudy days as much as 90 per cent of UV rays can reach your skin and cause damage that may lead to skin cancer later in life.The early detection of skin cancer delivers the best chance for survival. When melanoma is detected early, the cure rate is over 95% because it can be excised before it starts spreading to other parts of the body.

How the Kelly Clinic Mole Mapping Works

At the Kelly Clinic, we employ our advanced Automated Total Body Photography and Dermoscopy system to map and monitor each mole. This advanced computerised mole mapping system creates an accurate set of photos of your moles. Our high-resolution camera transfers all photos directly to our database, giving us the ability to compare your moles with photos from your initial visit. Subsequently, we can immediately identify new moles or changes to existing moles. If any abnormalities or symptoms of melanoma are found, you will be booked for excision or biopsy under local anaesthetic with Professor Kelly.


Why choose the Kelly Clinic?

Do you have concerns that one of your moles is new or has grown? The Kelly Clinic provides a complete mole screening service. This involves a detailed examination of your moles and a complete skin review. A comprehensive exam may help in the early detection of skin cancer and provides reassurance that your moles are thoroughly documented.

The mole screening and complete skin examination will examine all your moles (including your back) and any unusual ones will be analysed using the latest technology (dermoscopy) by our professional skin care experts. You will also learn to monitor for future changes in your moles.

Who should consider having their moles mapped?

People who are at increased risk of the development of skin cancer.

This includes those with:

Large number of moles.

Moles that have an unusual appearance

A personal history of skin cancer

Pale skin that easily burns in the sun

Episodes of previous severe sun burn

Exposure to significant amounts of sunlight like working or living abroad or outdoor work

A suppressed immune system 


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We understand that early diagnosis is essential. Our highly trained team use specialised equipment to provide noninvasive screening and monitoring in short, convenient appointments. Our advanced mole mapping technology provides accurate and rapid results.

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