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Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation

A powerful treatment that combines in-clinic treatments and an at home pack for improving your overall hair structure.

This treatment is designed to create the optimal conditions for improving hair structure and reversing the process of hair loss.

We use a formula that is based on natural & highly potent active ingredients which target the hair follicles and the surrounding skin tissue.

Unlike regular topical products, the active ingredients of our treatment go beyond the surface of the scalp and penetrate deeper into the skin. The DermaStamp creates thousands of micro-channels which significantly increase the absorption of active ingredients, ensuring maximum treatment efficacy.

Exclusive to the kelly clinic

Cutting-edge hair growth restoration system

A program proven to improve hair density and fullness

Home Kit Includes:

Hair Repair

Activates the hair follicle and strengthens the root of the hair thus delaying hair loss.
– four ampoules
– for single use by a professional therapist

Skin Rejuvenation Vitamin

A multivitamin complex to combat vitamin deficiencies in the skin with antioxidant action.
– four ampoules
– for single use by a professional therapist

Hair Lotion

Ensures the hair is firmly anchored in the root, thus delaying hair loss.
– one bottle of hair lotion to be applied daily by the customer, with pipette for accurate dosing

Initial visible results can be expected after a period of eight weeks.