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10 Tips to Prevent Maskne

10 Tips to Help Prevent Maskne

Aug 10, 2020

Eve McInerney

Mask related acne is on the increase as well as irritation from wearing masks constantly. With oil and sweat building up under the mask, your skin is more susceptible to rashes, inflammation and breakouts unfortunately. We've compiled 10 Tips to Help Prevent Maskne below!
1. Wash your face both before and after wearing a mask with a gentle cleanser such as SkinCeuticals Mild Cream Gentle Cleanser, especially if you've been wearing it for over 30 mins.
2. Don't wear any makeup as with the increased humidity around the skin beneath the mask, makeup could lead to clogged pores and breakouts.
3. Don't skip moisturiser! Moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated. With a mask rubbing against your skin, your skin barrier needs to remain balanced and healthy. We love SkinCeuticals H A Intensifier with Hyaluronic Acid to super hydrate the skin.
4. Take Mask breaks when possible to air the skin.
5. Only wear 100% cotton masks as synthetic fabrics will hold more heat and inevitably cause more irritation. Stick to the more breathable disposable surgical masks rather than cotton alternatives if you feel that your skin is starting to get irritated.
6. Use a gentle exfoliator regularly such as ZoSkinHealth Complexion Renewal Pads to get rid of dead skin cells and surface debris to decrease pore clogging that may lead to spots.
7. Wear an SPF as UV rays can still penetrate the mask! SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defence is a super choice which will also give the rest of your skin a subtle healthy glow while protecting it.
8. Wash your mask! It is imperative to use a fresh cotton mask every day both for the prevention of Covid and to help prevent outbreaks on your skin. While you’re breathing into the mask, moisture is trapped within the fibres and creates the perfect condition for all sorts of nasty bacteria to flourish.
9. Apply your skincare at least 30 mins before you pop your mask on so that your moisturise and SPF has time to absorb into your skin and there's less of a chance of it rubbing off onto the mask which allows for bacteria to thrive.
10. Use your night time routine to nourish and restore your skin with calming serums that quell inflammation, and a moisturiser that strengthens skin’s barrier functions. Try SkinCeuticals soothing cream Epidermal Repair for chapped, dry & sensitive skin or ZoSkinHealth Daily Power Defence if you are more acne prone.
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